Freedom In Truth (FIT)

How do I sign up for a personal FIT (Freedom In Truth) Inner healing session?

Sign up at


I signed up for an inner healing/ FIT call over a week ago and I haven't heard from anyone. What do I do now?

Your FIT facilitator will reach out to you individually from their personal email accounts. You can search for their email by searching the subject: "Please schedule your 100x fit session"; if after searching, you still don't find it, come into and talk to a live chat agent who can escalate your issue to our FIT admin department.


How much are the 1:1 FIT sessions?

Please visit the FIT site to see which package works best for you:


Can I change my FIT minister?

Please email the FIT team's coordinator to request a modification:


How do I find the past FIT group inner healing sessions?

You will not want to miss out on even 1! They make all the difference in the world! You cn find the free group inner healings here within the facebook group:


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