Family Rooms

What is a family room?

A 100X family room is a place where you can connect on deeper levels with the 100X Family. You will sign up for the family room time that works best for your schedule and be graphed into a small family of 8-20 people. We can't wait to get to know you more!


How do I sign up for to join a family room?

Sign up now at


Can my spouse join me in my family room?

Yes, we highly encourage you to attend a family room with your spouse if they are up for the adventure!


Can my spouse join a different family room?

Yes, they can sign in at and choose a family room time slot that works best for them.


How do I change my family room? 

You can return to and change your family room. We highly encourage everyone not to do this more than once in a year so that you can truly get to know people on deeper levels of connection.


what do I do if can't sign into my family room?

Remember to reach out in your family room messanger thread for help and tag your family room leader. You can also reach out to your familyr room leader personally in messanger. If they can't help you go to for further assistance.



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