Inner Healing Transition Questions

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Will we be able to stay with the FIT minister who was working with us previously? After my two sessions, I feel I'm …not “finished.”


If you’ve been working with a FIT prayer minister and would like to continue, you can reach out directly to them to schedule and continue your work together. Otherwise, all inner healing prayer sessions will be referred to Prophetic Heart Healing.

Are the prices for inner healing going to stay the same?


With the transition from FIT to PHH for inner healing prayer sessions, the price is different. We will provide you with a link to sign up soon!

Will the folks providing former one on ones be “grandfathered” in?


All FIT services through 100X will end as of February 23, 2023. If you have received prayer sessions with someone from the FIT team, you can contact them directly to continue or be referred to Prophetic Heart Healing for future inner healing prayer sessions.

Will 100X FIT prayer ministers transition to PHH (Prophetic Heart Healing)?


FIT Team ministers are independent contractors and are not the same as the PHH team who have been trained and selected by Elise and Turok Tarango.

So FIT calls are with PHH people now instead of 100X FIT team members?


All 100X members will be referred to PHH for inner healing prayer sessions.

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