How can I cancel my membership?

Crush It U provides world-class training to entrepreneurs. There is no other program like it. We fully believe we can help you level up in your mindsets and entrepreneurial skillsets.

Along your journey, you will have moments of overwhelm, financial distress, obstacles, and roadblocks that will cause you to wrestle through staying in Crush It U. These are normal responses to everyday life stressors. We encourage you to return to the reason you originally purchased Crush It U? Do you remember how sure you were this was the path for you to achieve financial freedom and the dreams you desire!
What has changed? Are you coming to us for a cancellation out of a place of fear or lack? If so, we highly encourage you to stick with the journey. You were given Crush It U for a particular destiny and we want to see you step into the fullness of that with us!

We also understand that occasionally life crisis comes. If you have experienced the death of an immediate family member or a life-threatening illness please let us know and we will work with you to make arrangements for your Crush It U membership. 

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