What is the Daily Schedule for the 2023 Wisdom Challenge?

This Challenge is designed to be a fully immersive Challenge. To get the most out of your Challenge, you will want to block off this time period for all the Challenge days. If you are in a different time zone, we recommend shifting your schedule on Challenge week to immerse yourself in all Challenge sessions and activities fully. An approximate daily schedule is outlined below, all times are subject to minor modifications (PT is Pacific U.S. Time – Los Angeles).

The Wisdom Challenge
Date: Sunday, January 1st - Tuesday, January 31st
Time: 9:00 AM PT - 10:00 AM PT every day

For those of you who upgraded:

The 2023 Year of Expansion Goal-Setting Workshop
Jan 4th, 12p-130pm PT **dates and times subject to change; please keep an eye out for announcements or emails if changes occur**

Kingdom Wealth Workshop

Jan. 12th, with a live encore training on Jan. 21st. 11 am-2 pm PT

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